Marina Zumi is an Argentinian multi-interdisciplinary artist with a beginning in South American Neo-Muralism, painting Intuitive Nature themes in contraposition to the polluted streets of Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, before move to Berlin in 2018.
“Connection” as her core theme; “either with textile or neon threads, I want to sew the invisible entanglement in between entities, theories, feelings, atoms in the universe; merging in a single point for taping into sub cognitive spiritual vibrancy”.
Following her Neo muralist career, she painted walls in more than 20 countries and 4 continents, taking her from Argentina to Russia, United States of America, China, Kazakhstan and many more countries, painting intuitive bioluminescent Nature themes, with tints of sacred geometry and perspective, transmute in the last years where she describe an ‘Amorous Moment’ painting Light Hues over white backgrounds, where the need is also to shine in the clarity and perceive the light glimpse between sun rises and sun sets, where all slightly became translucent and integrate in the brilliance.
Light color spectrums painted over walls all around the world, now becomes tangible reality as the artist continues to explore analog as digital media, new technologies and artistic collaborations.


Name: Maria Josefovic

Address: Lobeckstrasse 66, 10969,  Berlín – Germany

Mail: mail@studiozumi.com