Art Statement

Marina Zumi is a Argentinian multi-interdisciplinary artist with a beginning in South American Neo-Muralism, painting Intuitive Nature themes in contraposition to the polluted streets.

Followed by textiles experimentation at the studio, she developed a self taught hand-embroidery technique over art canvas, where mathematical and sacred geometry sink and flow in a subtle way.

Based in Berlin from 2018, decides to finally combine both styles, the outdoor and in-studio practices. Generating subemersive site specific Light Installations, crafting this time, with threads of neon wire to hand embroider new big scale perspectives, where the visitor becomes part of a new reality been able not only to see, more likely to touch and feel light.

“Everything is interconnected” she says, after many years practicing Buddhism and studying the Quantum theory evolution. Bioluminescence painted over walls all around the world, now becomes tangible reality as the artist continues to explore analog as digital media, new technologies and artistic collaborations.

‘Connection’ as her core theme; “eider with textile or neon threads, I wanna sew the invisible entanglement in between entities, theories, feelings, atoms in the universe; merging in a single point for you to take a break, breath and feel part of it All”.


Marina Zumi born in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, in 1983. Became Sao Paulo’s citizen for 9 years and currently she is based in Berlin from 2018.

Although never finished the academic degree at the Fashion Design university UBA, at the age of 20 already occupied a chair in the main desk of the well recognized argentinian brand, Complot. Became a self-taught artist around 2003 with the introduction to Neo-Muralism , while still working and studying in parallel, the production of hand-embroidery artworks.

Once she moved to Sao Paulo, made part of the art collective called ‘Colectivo 132’, that after a great performance, became A7MA art gallery, of which Marina is formal founder and participant, where she also explored geometrical site specific installations. (the gallery runs open till nowadays)

Following her Neo muralist career, she painted walls in more than 20 countries and 4 continents, taking her from Argentina to Russia, United States of America, China, Kazakhstan and many more countries, painting intuitive bioluminescent Nature themes, with tints of sacred geometry and the ‘connection’ as core inspiration.

"Being self taught allowed me to create without a preconceived notion of what muralism, art at self it could be"

Her latest body of work are the Site Specific Light Installations, evolving in temporary Public Art pieces and in-studio new sculptures and bi-dimensional sculptural artworks. Where this time she embroiders with neon wires, generating a new crossover between this antique technique and new digital media, technologies and artistic collaborations in the video mapping and music areas.

Her art has participated in exhibitions at the Fine Art Academy of Vienna, Saatchi Gallery London, is part of the Pirelli’s collection once exhibited at Hangar Bicocca, Milan.

Painted the facade of the Museum of street art Urban Nation in Berlin, exhibited at Mana Contemporary Miami in December 2019, just to name a few; there is no limit for the embrazing evolution of Zumi’s art spirit, who at the moment find, as she says… ‘In an Amorous moment’.

In 2020 she moved her studio and founded Studio33 in the heart of Berlin by the feet of Viktoria Park, where she produce till the date and give space to other artists.

Significant Group Exhibitions & Streetart Major Projects:::

• “Gates” Light Installation, The Crystal Ship by Night, Oostende, Belgium. December 2020.
• -Swab Art Fair, with MMGallery, Barcelona, Spain. September 2020.
• “Swim Dreams” Light Installation, Upeart, Finland. March 2020

• “X-Psed” Light Installation, art show at Mana Contemporary. December. Miami Basel 2019. USA.
• ‘Itscaf’ curated by Denis L. Hegic. October. Istambul, Turkey.
• ‘ArtScape Festival’ July. Lujusdal, Sweden.
• ‘Timisoara Art Corridor’ Jun. TimiSoara, Rumania.
• ‘Open Studio Zumi’ Group presentation,. May. Berlin. Germany.

• ‘Monumenta Leipzig’, curated by Denis Leo Hegic. Leipzig, Germany. September.
• Liberty Science Center Art Project, New Jersey, USA. August.
• ‘Imago’ group show at Muca Museum, Munich, Germany. July.
• Summer Studio Opening, ‘Nest’ 2nd. Light Installation. Berlin, Germany. July.
• Luzhniki Stadium, World Coup commission, Moscow, Rusia. May.
• ‘Connectos Installation’, Wandelism. Berlin, Germany. March.
• ‘Me Fui a comprar Puchos, pero volvi. Solo Show. Buenos Aires, Argentina. February.

• Studio Zumi Presentation, ‘Light Path’ 1st. Light Installation, Berlin, Germany. December 2017
• Urban Nation museum opening, permanent collection. September 2017.
• Art Up Oficial, Mikser Belgrade House. Sarajevo, Bosnia. September 2017.
• Green Candy Project, for Just Kids Ofciak. Arkansas, USA. August 2017.
• Montana State University Public art part II. USA. July 2017.
• LongHu Art Project, Art and Residence. Lonhu, Jiangxi, China. June 2017.
• Montana State University public art and Talk. USA. April 2017.

• Buena Vista Corner Mural, Art Basel, Miami, USA. December 2016.
• ColorBa, Usina del Arte Street project. Buenos Aire, Argentina. Oct 2016.
• Unicef Project of Child Consciousness. London, England. July 2016.
• Universus, Facade of the Street art and Contemporary Museum and Gallery. Berlin Germany. June 2016.
• Wabash Art Corridor, Colubia College, Chicago USA. May 2016.
• XX, One Moment, One Place. Group Show at Saatchi Gallery. Curated. London, England. Fev. 2016.


• El Grito Latino- 1er. Bienal Internacional in Asuncion de Paraguay. October 2015.
• Identidad group exhibition. Honecomb Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oct. 2015.
• #NotACrime Project. Curated by StreetArtAnachy. New York, United States. September 2015
• KosmopoliteArtTour 2015, Louvain La Neuve, Belgium. August 2015.
• 1300 mt2. Project. The complete paint of the Fine Art school Kasteyev A. Almaty, Kazajistan. July 2015.
• 3er Bienal Grafti Fine Art. Pavillao das culturas Brasileiras, Ibirapuera. São Pauo, Brasil. April 2015.
• TakePArt- Pirelli Project, inside Hagar Bicocca, Curated by Le Grand Jeu. Pirelli’s Permanent Collection acquisition. February 2015.

• Cash, Cans and Candy. Group show. Hilger Gallery. Vienna, Austria. December 2014
• Pop Up Show- Galeria La Real en El Dorrego. Group show. BsAs. Argentina. Dec. 2014.
• Wynwood Art Walk Murals, during Art Basel. Miami, United States. December 2014
• AR Exhibition- Collab with William Baglione and Performance Video with Beto Macedo. Tag Gallery SaoPaulo – Brasil. November 2014
• ArteCore Festival. MAM Museum. Rio de Janeiro – Brasil. October 2014
• Workshop at the MUMOK Museum. Vienna, Austria, September 2014
• Fine Art Academy of Vienna Exhibition, Calle Libre Fest. Vienna, Austria. Sept. 2014
• Arte em Campo, group exhibition. OLIDO gallery. Sao Paulo – Brasil. Jun 2014
• Prisma, group exhibition. Dinamica gallery. Buenos Aires – Argentina. May 2014

• Sao Paulo Bi-Polar, Group Exhibition, Neurotitan, Berlin – Germany, Setembro 2013
• Murali Outer Spaces Fest, 1er Projeto Predio, Poznan – Polonia, Junho 2013
• Stroke Art Fair, Munich – Alemanha, Mayo 2013

• Coraçao na Mao, Exposiçao Coletiva Femenina, Sao Paulo A7MA – Novembro 2012
• The Tallkings Walls of Buenos Aires, London NewCastle, Lonndon – Setembro 2012
• Exposicao Coletiva Abertura Galeria A7MA – Abril 2012
• Projeto Portfolio Nro 13, Aktuell – Febreiro 2012

• Expo Coletiva: L’Oeil Galeria, Aliança Francesa, Agosto – Setembro /2011

• Coletivo OH! SP: Consolacion 3850a, SP, Marzo/2010

• Colectivo Colecionavel: Exposicion Coletiva, SP, Novembro-Dezembro/2009
• Deep Underground: Subway permanent art Buenos Aires, Argentina March 2009.


Name: Maria Josefovic

Address: Lobeckstrasse 66, 10969,  Berlín – Germany