site specific installations, outdoor public art & bi-dimensional light artworks

‘Time Crystals’

117 x 117 cm / 46 x 46 in.

Neon wire, over spray painted plexiglass.
Wooden light box.


The first Light Sculptural Artwork ready to hang.
The artist created a light installation, performing as first step the painting in backward of the cosmos, over a sheet of plexiglass. Followed for the creation and placement of the ‘Crystals of Time’ geometry, drilling and ‘sewing’ the plexi glass with Neon wires.
Throw the corners, we can perceive the changing inner Hue, of a set light installed inside the framing box, this lights where planed and placed from the very beginning to be capture by the small window corner see thru details, gently playing with the inner frame and the frontal hue variation gives to the art piece a 3 Dimensional subtle effect.


The Crystal ship by night
Oestende, Belgium

December 2020

‘juxtapoz light stream’

Studio on line stream quarantine project
Berlín, Germany

May 2020


Upeart Fest

March 2020


Mana Contemporary – Yap / Miami Art Week
Miami, EEUU
December 2019

Photos by JT Freeze frame 

‘techno poetry’

Urban Spree / Berlin Art Week 
Berlín, Germany

September 2019


Art-Scape fest
Lujsdal, Sweden 
August 2019

Triple light installations


Studio Zumi
Berlín, Germany


Studio Zumi
Berlín, Germany
2017 / 2018


Name: Maria Josefovic

Address: Lobeckstrasse 66, 10969,  Berlín – Germany

Mail: mail@studiozumi.com