“A site-specific project presenting Marina Zumi’s latest body of work. Inspired by nature, buddhist philosophy and quantum theory, Zumi explores symmetry and synchronicity within painting, sculpture, and mixed media. She incorporates hand embroidery as a meditative method to achieve balance. Through the use of color and light, Zumi shares an intimate look at her practice and invites viewers to step inside a universe where anything is possible.”

Written and curated by Nathaly Charria @natology
Support from @Thirdrailart

“One of the highlights of Juxtapoz Clubhouse this year is the installation and paintings by Berlin-based, Argentinian-born Marina Zumi. That Place was curated by Nataly Charria and Third Rail Art, the work combined both light works and paintings, all creating an immersive experience and optical bliss at both day and night. The installation was presented with Mana Contemporary.” – Juxtapoz  

Photos by Ian Cox @wallcandy