Deep in my heart dwells a dark animal, surrounded by colorful stardust, crystals and the light of soaring souls.
beast, after many years, slowly begins to understand that it is not
just a bundle of imperfect particles, but that these imperfect particles represent the uniqueness of the being.

Of course, my
works are a reflection of myself, but they are also the result of
meticulous, month-long material research and geometrical and mathematical preparatory
Science and art are not different disciplines.
” Marina Zumi

In October 2017 the Hashtag Gallery in Toronto presented the the exhibition “Reflections: in U / on M” showcasing the results of Marina Zumis scientific art and artistic science.
The works of art were representations of mythical creatures on canvas. Created by mixed techniques spray / acrylic / embroidery.
the first time Zumi used more mobile backgrounds and presented the twin
work “in U / on M” on a metal-coated surface, etched, scratched and painted with aerosol.