“Marina’s works describe many values and qualities: from the gesture, improvisation, urban practice to the more sophisticated and designed works that are developed in the studio.
The lines on her canvases are sewn-in gold wires, , creating this impressive space and depth. A technique that is very authentic and representative of Marina´s work.
Marina always insists that her art is a result of daily experiences. It sums up that very special moment for the arts when urban art meets the essence of contemporary art. “
Paulo Klein, curator

In December 2010 Marina Zumi presented her solo exhibition “Comunion” in the famous King Caps Gallery in Sao Paulo. The artist who painted whole trains and with an established reputation on the streets of the city ,suddenly introduced herself in a curated gallery show and instantly became an artist attracting a large crowds.

This exhibition describes the beginning of her transformation as an artist: from “urban” to “contemporary”. Marina Zumi has never seen her work as a one-way street and after the highly acclaimed exhibition “Comunion” she continued with her most production period on the streets of South America.